Rollover Instructions

Consolidate All Your Previous Retirement Accounts Into One



Find Your Previous Plan Provider's Rollover Forms

Contact your previous employer or your retirement plan provider to find out the necessary steps and paperwork required to roll your retirement assets into your retirement plan with EIP. This information may be found on your retirement plan account website.



Select Direct Rollover & Submit The Rollover Form

Make the rollover check payable to:


c/o Employee Incentive Plans, Inc.

fbo "Your name"

Send check to: EIP's address at 12466 Los Indios Trail, Suite 200 Austin, TX 78729

Submit the necessary rollover forms to your previous retirement plan admin for processing. You may want to get a contact name should you need to follow up on the status of your rollover check.



Complete EIP's Rollover of Funds Form

Please complete and sign EIP's Rollover of Funds Form. Don't forget to attach a Plan Opinion/Determination Letter from your previous plan provider upon submission. All you have to do is ask your previous plan provider for that document. More information is located on the form.

Download - Rollover of Funds Form



EIP Will Send You a Confirmation Email

After EIP receives the rollover check from your previous retirement plan provider, your check is processed and deposited into your account with EIP. We will send you a confirmation email after this occurs.

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