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Retirement Plan Design

Due to the complex nature of ERISA law & lack of expertise in the industry many retirement plan providers will use cut-and-paste retirement plans & not put in the effort to design a plan tailored to your objectives. This often leads to lousy employee participation, failed testing & an increase in overall plan cost.



Plan Investment Lineup

Your retirement plan investment lineup is one of the most important responsibilities of the plan sponsor. If not properly managed and monitored, a breach of Fiduciary responsibility can lead to costly lawsuits. It is crucial to have a high-quality, low-fee and diversified set of funds for your employees to invest in.



Plan Fees & Expenses

Retirement plan fees have gotten a lot of scrutiny over the past several years, and rightly so. More people understand how much they pay for Netflix than they do for their retirement plan. Plan fees are often hidden & substantially increase the more parties you have involved. With EIP's technology and bundled services we would love to compete on cost for your plan.



Retirement Plan Adviser

ERISA requires a Plan Sponsor to maintain a prudent level of investment knowledge as it pertains to the retirement plan. When a Plan Sponsor lacks the technical expertise and experience to properly select and manage the plan investment line-up, ERISA may require a Plan Sponsor to hire a knowledgeable adviser to take on the plan's investment responsibility.

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EIP begins a review process with an introduction meeting or phone call. It is important that we understand your company and the goal of the retirement plan.

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To look under the hood of your plan, EIP, at a minimum, will need your plan's fee disclosure (called the 408b-2) and may ask for additional plan documents for an in-depth side-by-side comparison.

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After you receive the report, the ball is in your court. Have more questions? We are here! If you want to move forward with EIP, we would be happy to help!

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