Invest With Confidence

Investments selected for your plan have been carefully screened to provide you with suitable options for your retirement account. More importantly, we want you to feel more confident about the program in which you participate so you have the opportunity to get the most out of it.

Asset Allocation to Meet Your Comfort Level

Whether you are an aggressive investor, a conservative investor or somewhere in between, you have access to investments in your plan to help meet the needs of your own risk tolerance.


Your retirement plan has been optimized to provide you with appropriate investment alternatives to help you to achieve your desired level of diversification. Most investment experts agree investing predominately in a small number of securities with similar risk and reward characteristics can lead to an unsuitably high level of risk. By spreading your account across several investments with materially different characteristics you can help lower your risk through diversification.

Managed Account Option – Bridge Portfolios

For those who feel unprepared or uncomfortable managing their own investments, our advisory services can provide a simplified process for managing the account on your behalf. This option offers professionally managed portfolios within your retirement plan tailored to your individual needs. Contact us for more information about the Bridge Portfolios or to see if your plan offers enrollment in Bridge Portfolios.