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Frequently Asked Question (upload process)

How do I submit a form for processing?

After completing and signing your form please upload the form to EIP’s Cloud Vault. Please do NOT email EIP your form. Instead, use the upload processor above!

Do I have to name the file a specific name?

No but we recommend naming your file “First name_Last name_Form Name”. This will make it easier to find your form if a problem occurs.

Will I Get a Confirmation Email?

You will NOT receive a confirmation email after you upload your form. However, you will see a confirmation message after submitting your form online.

ERROR – Session Storage Not Enabled

If you have a platform error, your browser settings may not be configured correctly. You can (1) open the form upload processor in a separate tab → (2) enable session storage by click here →

I am still having trouble uploading my forms?

If you are still having issues uploading your form, please contact EIP & we will be happy to assist!

How long will it take for EIP to process my form?

EIP’s goal is to process forms as fast as administratively feasible & within your plan’s guidelines (typically under 2-3 weeks).


Plan Participant Forms

Designation of Beneficiary

To designate your beneficiaries or update an existing designation, you may submit a new Designation of Beneficiary form at any time. Please carefully read and follow the instructions, then return the completed form to your employer.

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Distribution Package

If you are no longer employed with the company offering your retirement plan or you qualify for an in-service distribution, you may be eligible to take a distribution from the plan. For more information with regard to your options for distribution, please refer to the instructions in the Distribution Package. If you have additional questions or need further clarification, please call our office for assistance.

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Hardship Package

Your retirement plan may allow certain amounts to be withdrawn if you have a financial hardship. You may request a hardship from your eligible fully vested accounts in the Plan. Please review your Summary Plan Description (SPD) for details on hardship withdrawals

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Loan Package

Your retirement plan may allow for loan(s) of up to the lesser of 50% of your vested account balance or $50,000. Please review your Summary Plan Description for details on loan provisions.

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Participant Change Form

If you would like to change your existing deferral election or need to update your legal name on your retirement account, please complete the Participant Change Form and return it to your employer.

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QDRO Determination

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is an order issued by a court as part of a divorce. In the event a QDRO is issued, a portion of your assets may be divided as outlined in the QDRO. Our team will work with you to ensure the QDRO is prepared properly, signed and stamped by the court. We will work with the alternate payee to separate the portion of your account that was awarded in the QDRO. The form provided is a checklist that outlines the required items in a QDRO.

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