EIP offers integrated services for greater efficiency

Why use EIP's integrated services?

EIP’s integrated offerings brings a suite of services that are guided by our principle of helping business owners and employees take control, plan and accomplish their financial flexibility. Services are integrated with our technology & quality care to relieve the stress,  time and inefficiencies that comes when many services are delivered separately. Our goal is for you to only have to call one place, for all things that deal with your finances.

1. Payroll Services

Our cloud-based payroll system gives our clients a comprehensive, accurate and reliable payroll solution.

3. Health Savings Accounts (coming soon)

HSA offers tremendous tax-advantages & investment opportunity. EIP is working to bring this service to our clients.

2. Nonprofit Endowment Investment Management

Many local nonprofit endowments entrust us to manage their endowment for the benefit of the charity.

Investment Management

EIP’s private wealth management brand is AtlasMark Financial. We specialize in comprehensive wealth management services for business owners & high-net worth individuals, as well as endowment investment services for nonprofits. AtlasMark has the same great people and the dual synergy between AtlasMark & EIP brand provides our clients with an all-in-one financial firm big enough to take care of all your needs, but small enough to provide superior personal service.

Investment Management For Endowments

AtlasMark takes great pride in helping many not-for-profit and charitable organizations achieve their endowment investment goals. Endowments typically want to generate a high enough real return to take care of their yearly withdrawals while continuing to grow the endowment principle. We take the time to learn & listen to each non-profit client to understand what their goals are, if there are any rules regarding investments and to learn the risk tolerance of the endowment fund. As a way to give back to the charities that help make our communities so great, AtlasMark will typically reduce our fees in half. 

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