Offer 401(k) plans under your brand

White Label 401(k) Platform

Many of our clients add a link to their main wealth management website that says – Manage Your 401(k). Upon clicking, it redirects the user to the firms white label 401(k) platform. The platform is where all participants and plan sponsor’s will go to manage all aspects of their 401(k) account & plan. It includes:

  • Participant exchange login
  • Online enrollment
  • Employees & employers forms
  • Form upload & processing
  • Employer & employee links
  • EIP  instant chat box
  • EIP contact information
  • FAQ’s & much more
User friendly investment dashboard

Participant Exchange Dashboard

Participants will have 24/7 access to their account balance, investment results, allocation & more directly from their dashboard. Our software makes investment management more understandable and user-friendly, and participants are able to seamlessly facilitate the changes they want. We also have built in financial planning software so participants can better visual their retirement income and track their retirement progress.

  • Manage investments
  • Check account balance
  • Change deferral amount
  • Track retirement progress
  • Review investment performance
  • Download statements
  • Review transactions
  • Update beneficiary info
For each of your clients (Plan Sponsor)

Custom Online Enrollment

New employees can easily review their retirement package and enroll online. Our online enrollment process is personally customized to each Plan Sponsor to include information about their plan, hold important information & plan documents. We incorporate your brand by having an adviser bio tab for personal marketing, confirmation emails with your firm logo and custom online enrollment (model portfolios, investments, etc.).

  • Customized Plan Sponsor enrollment page
  • Plan Sponsor logo
  • Feature tab to detail plan details
  • Documents tab to hold important plan documents
  • Adviser tab to put a picture and bio of the adviser (you)
  • Enroll tab so participants can easily enroll in the plan
  • Enrollment form can be customized to include your model portfolios